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Community Access is designed to help participants acquire, retain or improve self-help, socialization and adaptive skills required for active participation and independent functioning outside the home.

Community Living Support services are individually tailored supports that assist with the acquisition, retention or improvement of skills related to participants’ continued residence in their family homes.

Host Homes are private homes of individuals or families, whether owned or leased, in which life-sharing, residential supports are provided to one or two adults with developmental disabilities, who are not to be related to the occupant owner or lessee by blood or marriage. The homeowners or lessees may not be employed by the provider agency that subcontracts for the host home services.

Respite Services provide brief periods of support or relief for individuals with disabilities or their caregivers and include maintenance respite for planned or scheduled relief or emergency/crisis respite for a brief period of support for participants experiencing crisis (usually behavioral) or in instances of family emergency.

Behavioral Supports Consultation is the professional-level service that assists participants with significant, intensive and challenging behaviors that interfere with activities of daily living, social interaction, work or similar situations.

Nursing Services provide medication training and monitoring of Health Care Protocols. Facilitation of Nursing Assessments & Audits in accordance with DBHDD/DCH standards.

Person Centered Organization Trainer Organizational training to enhance the status of Direct Support Professionals and Agency Staff in becoming a highly competent human services workforce. We recognize that people needing support are more likely to fulfill their life dreams if they have well-trained, experienced, and motivated people at their side in long-term, stable, compatible support relationships. Trainings include staffing patterns to provide access to services in accordance with service guidelines and professional designations required by Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities and Department of Community Health.

Natural Support Training exists for individuals who provide unpaid support, training, companionship or supervision to participants.

Life Coaching Our Life Enrichment Program focus on personal choice while recognizing the strengths, skills, interests, abilities, preferences and often complex needs of the individuals we serve. Our vision is to encourage and fully support Individuals in living happier, healthier lifestyles by becoming personally involved and engaged in taking ownership of their own goals and well-being. Using a Positive Behavior Support approach, Time 2 Inspire Staff works with both the family and the participant to establish specific goals and objectives for different types of behaviors. Life Coaching is available to providers, families, and outside agencies, on a 24-hour, on-call basis to assist families and participants. Our goal is for every Individual to gain a strong sense of self-worth, being aware of and accepting feelings, and cope with challenges in a positive way.


Integrated Employment

Personal and Social Skills for Employment Services “Soft-skills”-that encourages and enables personal contribution, self-awareness, self-confidence and socially responsible behavior to prepare for the work force. Participants receive support based on their needs and are involved in activities to help them achieve their goals of independent living, personal development, self-advocacy, self-determination, and community inclusion.

Prevocational Services prepare participants for paid or unpaid employment and include teaching concepts such as compliance, attendance, task completion, problem solving and safety.

Supported Employment enables participants, for whom competitive employment at or above the minimum wage is unlikely absent the provision of supports, to work in a regular work setting.

American Heart Association Instruction

CPR, First Aid and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Certification

The American Heart Association Heart saver CPR and AED course was the first in the nation to combine hands-on AED instruction with CPR training. The course teaches the basic techniques of adult, child, and infant CPR and use of an AED. Students also learn to use barrier devices in CPR and give first aid for choking in the responsive victim. The course teaches how to recognize the signs of three major emergencies: heart attack, stroke, and choking.

BLS (Basic Life Support) for Healthcare Providers

The BLS is the preferred CPR course for Healthcare Provider Course is designed to provide a wide variety of healthcare professionals the ability to recognize several life-threatening emergencies, provide CPR, use an AED, and relieve choking in a safe, timely and effective manner. The course is intended for certified or noncertified, licensed or non-licensed healthcare professionals.